Overview - User friendly and powerful


Whatever the style and capacity/size of your hospitality establishment, we'll accommodate you. Whether it be a city-hotel or a county-hotel, a B&B or a Lodge, a Caravan park, a Game Farm or a multi-styled Resort - with or without Timeshare and/or Fractional Ownership. Whether you are Self-Catering or Full-Service or any combinations of all these, whatever the variety - we are ready to assist you.

We understand that no two places are exactly alike and there are many differences from one property to another. Inns have been around since biblical times and one would think that things would be standardized, but that simply isn't the case. Few software packages are able to cope with the variety. Most only work in one particular accommodation style. We on the other hand have learned how to satisfy the diversity making our product one of the very few that can do it with ease and accuracy.

The-Host Hospitality Management System is very easy to use, AND it is also a very·powerful and sophisticated software package



The Host stores data in an SQL RDBMS called FIREBIRD. This is an open-source database so it adds no additional licensing charges. It is a highly secure, high-performance database with a higher level of SQL conformance than most other industrial strength databases. It can be deployed on dedicated servers in large-scale installations or it can run on a simple pc. It can run on on a variety of operating systems - including Linux so the costs of deploying it on dedicated servers can be kept low. We can deploy various backup techniques for example, scheduled, on-demand, incremental, ftp/offsite, replication etc.



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