Reservations and Charts.

Make Reservations - for a variety of Booking Types.

One room (1 accommodation unit/resource)
Multi room Group or block bookings.
Private / Company / Travel agent bookings
Day Use, Walk in, Permanent Guest
Conference (Single or Group) can also book and link Conference with guest units simultaneously if required.
Rooming list
Conference Day use
Deposits and Request for Deposit Letters
Confirmation and Thank you letters.

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Other Valuable Reservation Features

Reservation making screen integrates live with electronic··reservation chart·on the same screen, for best fit decisions to maximise room usage.
Just drag mouse over the desired room and dates and press insert to begin capturing reservations. Example showing time selected as a best fit end-to-end booking because housekeeping would already have to do work on the selected room on the selected dates.
User friendly reservation making screens – standard layout for smooth-flow telephonic reservation capture.
Customised reservation screen for specific and preferred style of each individual / resort. (Add or remove fields and set order of appearance and data filtering / verification, forced / not forced fields)
The-Host controls room availability.
Tariffs and Rate packages are appropriately linked in the configuration and setup areas.
Double bookings are automatically prevented.
In a network of computers, multiple reservations can be made simultaneously.
Availability can be checked from any of the computers simultaneously, this eliminates the restrictions of a manual chart and reduces online telephone time.


Reservation Management

Automated dynamic colour coded online Reservation chart.
Can be viewed in several modes e.g.:
- Reservation number made
- Condensed reservation number mode (more data per screen)
- Guest name mode
Can be printed with various levels of detail and for any range of dates.
Automatically Gathers Reservation Statistics for multidimensional in-depth reporting.
Audits all changes and tracks changes directly on the booking change tracker.
Provides controlled facilities to change reservation data :
- User can make changes on the chart while the program makes sure that double bookings are prevented. The chart is colour coded to easily distinguish between the various categories of accommodation. If changes are made that require a tariff change, the program warns of this and offers a quick convenient way to set the appropriate rate.
- Date changes (arrival change, departure change or both)
- Room / unit (change allocated number/s, allocate numbers automatically or manually (as when guests request specific numbers/s)
- Protects against moving specifically requested numbers.
- Add room to a booking as a quick way to convert a single booking to a group booking, or to add more rooms to a group booking.
- Group date/rate/discount changes.


Density Chart

This is a dynamic graphical tool that represents past, present and future occupancy, as a percentage per day. This dynamic view, changes with the reservation, check-in and check out data changes and can be viewed on screen or printed. Excellent as a marketing tool to analyse past occupancy trends and future reservation availability. It has a mode for room density only, for those resorts that sell bookings per room, and a mode that shows room and bed densities for resorts that sell bookings per bed. This can be important because it can show problem periods when rooms are fully sold but beds are not fully sold causing lower income yields. (screenshot)

Availability Chart

Chart to indicate room availability by room number and / or room type for any date range. This is such a time saving and handy method of dealing with the continuous onslaught of queries as to availability faced daily by reservations and front-office staff. This is also available as a hot key – F9 that can be accessed from absolutely any point in the software, even when already capturing another reservation. (screenshot)

Overview Status Chart

A chart showing vital daily management statistics. This single screen shows at a glance, the number of rooms booked / rooms not booked, the number of beds sold / not sold, current in-house guests, unserviceable rooms and the total value at rack rates of the beds/ rooms sold and unsold. This is shown as a column of figures and percentages per day for today and the next seven days.

Notepad Facility (one for each booking / guest)

To keep an accurate note and record of guest / conference special requests or any information that is over and above the catered for in the regular fields. This variable length field is for storing absolutely any data. It could be used for a variety of purposes e.g. meal preferences and activity programs. It is not limited to any size and can be from a few lines of data to several pages. (This must not be confused with the SPECIAL REQUEST field that is provided for similar purposes, but is limited in size because it appears on many screens and print outs. The Notepad is used in addition to that.) (screenshot)

Cancelling of Reservations

Cancel individual or block booking or any individual from a block booking to free up availability on the reservation chart. The user making the cancellation is forced to state the reason for cancellation for management analysis. Deposits can be forfeited, or refunded or a combination of both for partial refunds. Cancelled reservations can also be re-instated to the Reservation file with the necessary controlled checking for and adjusting of availability.

No shows

No shows are conveniently removed, recorded and counted for proper management analysis. Deposits are appropriately handled in the case of removing no shows.

Waiting List

Hold query bookings in the waiting list, that are automatically offered for bookings if availability arises from cancellations. (waiting list)

Guest History

This is built automatically as guests check out. It shows all guest data for later use in mailing lists and past guest analysis. Bills for past guests can be re-printed. At reservation time, past guest data can be copied up to save on typing


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