Deposit Management.


A deposit confirms the reservation. Deposits received are added to deposits on hand. Deposits are transferred to guest account at check in time as a credit. Deposits can be refunded or forfeited (or a combination of both) if a confirmed prepaid reservation is cancelled.

It is possible to accept one or more deposits per booking. More than one deposit can be received for each reservation, this allows for those advance bookings that require full payment prior to arrival. In many such cases the guest will send multiple payments or monthly partial payments.

Tracking of deposits received / not received by deposit-due date. This allows decision to cancel reservations or to allow extension or deposit-due date. The integrated SMS module can be used to send personalized messages to guests to remind them that their deposit is due. This saves a lot of time and reduces telephone costs.

Deposits requested for confirmation are automatically calculated Deposit calculations are done according to pre-set parameters (as per your company policies). For example: According to Rate, Season, Pax, or percentage of Total and are made due on a date calculated from the day of booking or in advance of the arrival date. The-Host Hospitality Hotel Management System automatically generates customizable request-for-deposit and confirmation letters that inform the guest of the Deposit Amount and due-date.

Specifically and separately tracked Financial monitoring of deposits is handled over and above the regular financial tracking. Each cashup has a separate deposit movement report, which reports all deposit activity for that day (or shift) by the type of movement and the guest account or reservation that it is linked to.

The extensive Cashup Report has a section for deposits that shows the total amounts for each of the following departments:

See also Deposit Report



Note: It is possible to confirm reservations without monetary deposit payments. Other payment types and circumstances can be acceptable to change a reservation from provisional to confirmed. This depends on policy, but some examples are: PO (Purchase Order) from internal cost centres or approved debtors, VIP/MVG trusted booking agents or ranking employees or owners. Depending on company policy - other types of promissory documents can be accepted.


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