Guest Management.


On arrival, bookings become current. Guest and the account must be managed for the duration of the stay. The-Host Hospitality Management System offers many features for guest management, some are covered here:


One room/guest individually or entire group booking with one click.
Print check-in forms for all arrivals, or on an individual basis as each one arrives.
At time of check-in, re-affirm details captured at time of reservations.
Also, capture additional details by editing or adding to special requests (e.g. Time of wake up call, preferred morning beverage etc.)
Special Requests captured at reservation time are printed on daily house count and other reports.
A variety of arrivals, in-house and departure reports are available.
An option for checking whole groups simultaneously, saves the operator time.
The option to split a guest account if a split account is needed.
If a quote was issued an option to convert the quote to the guest account pop up.
Cut electronic door keys if interface available


Late Check-In

Allows you to check in a late arrival (e.g. due to adjusted travel arrangements).
Automatically post charges for previous day or days (up to 7 days for game lodges and parks.)


Walk a guest in and capture all data in one quick and smooth sequence.



Easy Billing and Payment receipting.
Automatic accommodation posting.
Automatic fixed item billing.
Accounts can be split multiple times.
Bills can be consolidated and they can be transferred to other accounts. Interfaces to Point of Sale and Telephone Management Systems are available to post dockets and calls directly to guest accounts. This saves time, but also ensures that all billing is posted correctly and no last minute calls or dockets are missed.


View or print, guest-list due to depart on current day.
Print Guest Bills due to depart, on an individual basis or all departures.
Check guests out at departure time.
Group can be checked out simultaneously.
Where allowed, guests can sign their bill and it can be transferred to debtors.
Prevents Guests from checking out without settling their account.

Extend or Shorten or Move

Departure date can be extended or shortened – The-Host Property Management System will check for availability and correctly adjust the chart and block off or free up availability.
Guests can be moved to another room.


Once a guest has been checked out, they are processed into the history.
Frequent guests can be given a VIP number for making further bookings easy and for promotions.
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