AUDIT and User Security


The-Host Hospitality Management System has a flexible security management structure. Depending on how stringent the security requirements are at each installation, it can be set to match those requirements. Users can never say "I don't know who did it" or "I don't know how that happened" because everything is logged. The Host is probably the most secure hospitality system available.

Besides a user password approach, each user is also assigned a user profile. The profile can be customized to suit the precise job specification of the user. Access to each menu item in The-Host can be granted or denied. Also the features of each module of the software can be individually granted or denied.

All user activity is logged to an Audit Trail of events, particularly changes to existing data and Receipting. This log is date and time stamped with each entry making it quick and easy to view and report chronologically on all user activities and events. Each entry records the username who activated it, the network workstation where it was performed, the windows login name, the actual event description with details of account or module affected by the event and the date and time. In many cases the data of records before and after changes is stored. This all happens automatically in the background, without any loss of performance or effect on the user. (see also audit report)

Additionally, each new record captured in The-Host stores the date stamp of the moment of capture, along with the user name. This makes it easy to see who captured a new reservation or who posted a transaction etc. It also facilitates various important reporting features, for example on the individual operators - to track and measure work performance.

Every booking in the system has its own chronological event tracker attached to it. In real-time, every important event or change that occurs with each booking is logged to the tracker attached to that booking. The complete lifecycle of each booking is therefore recorded in this way and it is visually present every time the booking is accessed. This is not only vitally informative, but it also works as a very strong deterrent to staff members from trying to manipulate records in any unauthorized way.

For additional security there is an automatic logout feature that logs users out after a preset time of no mouse or keyboard activity. This happens when a user who is logged in walks away from the computer and leaves screens open - possibly allowing non-authorized users to access the system. Auto-logout events are carefully audited and counted (reported with cash-up) so as to allow management to warn users not to forget to logout. Users only need to press the escape key repeatedly to back out from anywhere, no matter how many screens they may have drilled down.

We also offer an optional integrated Access Control and Time & Attendance System form our partner company. Among other security features it prevents users from accessing the Host and POS systems if the user is not officially onsite, i.e. they have not used a valid access credential to come onto the premises or they are not within valid shift or work hours. This can be a card, pin, biometric fingerprint or face recognition. (


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