The-Host Hospitality Management System uses MS-Word to actively generate letters and documents. This allows the user to customise their Letters and/or create additional letters by editing the MS-Word templates. The-Host uses the templates in MS-Word and automatically merges guest information into the word templates to create documents for printing and sending to guests. Users can also have their letterhead and logo on their documents, thus reducing the cost of printed stationary. Once the Hotel staff know how to use this feature the correspondence is very professional and not limited in any way. Its a very quick, efficient and powerful feature!

Examples of correspondence are:

Provisional booking letter - Also called Request for Deposit letter
Confirmation letter (note: example only - yours could look completey different)
Thank you letter
Various Registration/Check in Forms with or without detachable guest card
Invoices and Pro-forma Invoices. example
Variation of the above for Group bookings and Conference bookings
Waitlist module with Extensive quoting and correspondence
many more ... you can see from this menu tree


Email / Fax All generated correspondence can be e-mailed or faxed directly.

SMS in many cases personalized short messages can be sent automatically - this saves time and telephonic costs.

Also, when checking the availability by using the Rates Calculator, the calculated details can be emailed or faxed directly as a quick price quoting feature. This feature speeds up the time it takes to respond to client queries. There is also the comprehensive quoting module for formal quotations.

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