At last count there were well over two hundred reports in The Host. There are simply too many reports within The-Host Hospitality Hotel Management System to properly detail here. There is just not enough space - but we will mention some of the obviously required and popular ones below.


These reports are besides the numerous cash-up reports detailed in the Cashup page. Many of these reports offer a variety of sort options e.g. by Room, by guest Surname, by Reservation or Account number. Many of the reports can be printed for date ranges.


See partial report menu
Arrivals (By: Date or Date Range, Sorted by Room, Surname or Ref No.)
examples: Arrive1, Arrive2, Arrive3
Guests in-house (By: Date or Date Range, Sorted by Room, Surname or Ref No.) eg1,
Guest Departures (By: Date or Date Range, Sorted by Room, Surname or Ref No.)
Housekeeping and Meal (Kitchen) Plan
Variety of House counts
Deposits due list (with sms capability)
Deposits paid list
Forecasts of Occupancy and Rate Packages (various ranges) eg1, eg2
Guest Spend Analysis eg1,
Rate / Package sales statistics
Bed / Room sales statistics past, present and future
Room usage statistics
Travel Agent and Company Names that have supplied guests and the details eg1,
Advance Payments Period Analysis
On-screen Reports (many)
Includes a powerful Report Writer - design your own reports
Most of the standard reports are written with the Report Writer
Print envelope labels by extracting guest information from guest history or reservation


Note: the above list of reports does not mention any of the many standard letters (eg. acknowledging reservation and requesting deposit, confirmation, thank you etc.) or the variety of configurable guest bills, nor does it mention a comprehensive selection of cash-up reports and guest billing analysis reports, statistics, transaction and receipting reports that are part of The-Host Hospitality Hotel Management System


It is also worth mentioning that many of the modules/screens of the user interface can be printed - especially grids. For example the in-house and reservations screen, the check-in and check-out screens - and because the sorting, layout and size of columns of these grids can be set by the user, it is results in customizable, sortable user-defined reports. All in all, there is no shortage of reporting in TheHost - There is an abundance.


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