The quoting module allows users to build comprehensive quotations, optionally in the form of Proforma-Invoices and attach them to reservations.

This module creates accurate quotations taking into consideration all the possible variables, like Accommodation type, Quantity, PAX, Groups, Children, Infants, Seasons, Discounts, VIP, Corporate etc. Human error is minimised - ensuring that correct pricing is applied in all cases and thus maximising returns.

The feature ensures that the amount  and details quoted are accurately converted to an invoice when the booking is checked in. This is done with the option of disabling the default automatic billing while the guest is in-house. This prevents discrepancies if rates have changed in the interim since the booking and quotation was made - especially when bookings are made far in advance.

The Quoting option is extensively used in Group and Conference Bookings.


We understand that answering pricing queries is one of the most frequent tasks faced by accommodation providers.

Therefore The-Host Property Management System provides a Rates Calculator that is available as a Popup and Hot-Key from everywhere within the package, allowing prices to be calculated accurately with just a few mouse clicks. Again, all the variables are taken into consideration - ensuring maximum returns by minimising human error. These calculations can be instantly provided and can optionally be printed, emailed or faxed as an added service without any extra effort

For establishments that cater mainly for conferences, weddings and seminars, there is an optional waitinglist module. It provides many powerful features that make it easy and convenient to accurately manage quoting and scheduling for this special type of booking requirement. (see wait list)

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