Guest History / MVG


As an additional feature to The-Host Property Management System the Most Valued Guest Module can be activated. The Most Valued Guest Module allows for additional guest history mining. The Most Valued Guest Module will benefit the groups of hotels as they can consolidate their guest history from all their hotels and allows them to award points to the guests for the number of times the guests stays in the hotels within the group.

Over and above what is already within The-Host Property Management System History, this module will allow the Hotel to further mine their guest history. Some of the features are as follows:

Recording of the guest full details.
Recording of the guest special request needs
Assigning a MVG number to the guest
Integrates with Word - special marketing letters can be sent to selected guests
Allows you to sort certain guest to extract mailing lists and data.
Allows you to call/email/sms or fax the guest directly.
Stores additional information regarding the guest.
Tracks the guest history.
Many more features.



Once a guest has been checked out, they are processed into the history.
Frequent guests can be given a VIP number for making further bookings easy and for promotions and loyalty programs.
Guest bills can be reprinted at any time in the future.
History data can be used in several way, not the least to quickly make new bookings.
History data is used in the reporting and statistical gathering processes.
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