Integrates tightly with The-Host Property Management System.


Ensures that the property is occupied to the maximum by interfacing with The-Host Hotel Front Office system to give seamless guest management for both Hotel and Timeshare types. Alternately it can be used solely for TIMESHARE letting or selling. It can be used as a central booking system with multiple properties


Owner's File

Captures the following owners’ information: Account or contract number, title, first name or initials, surname, contact person, telephone & fax numbers, address & postal code, comments, Balance, adults, children, infants & notepad. Right-clicking on the mouse allows user to move and owner to "old owners file" as well as calculate and view a range of balances (all accounts with zero balances, credit balances, balances greater than, less than or equal to a set amount).

Timeshare Calendar
With week numbers as well as the start and end days and dates for each week. Week 53 is handled appropriately.

Bookings Chart
This is a visual representation of unit numbers and dates that they are booked or available – ( i.e. the number of days and the start and end days). Double clicking with your mouse on an occupied unit brings up the owner's details. Facility to search for a particular unit number, go to today's date and mark the chart with the owners time.

Sales Chart
This displays the unit numbers and the weeks that they are booked or available - (particularly useful to establish unsold units and weeks). Double clicking with the mouse on an occupied unit brings up the owner's details as well as his outstanding balance. Facility to search for room number by week.

Old Owner's File
Keeps a record of all previous owners whose units have been sold to new owners, re-possessed or cancelled.

Week Data
Gives user statistics by week including balances and available (unsold) units.

User Login
Different security levels of logging into the system.


Raise levies automatically for a specified period. Can be raised from a single week up to the whole year.
Charge interest on overdue accounts. Post various transactions manually including payments with receipts.
Daily cash-ups (x and z) Printing statements, reminder & overdue letters, arrivals list, age analysis, outstanding balances, owners file and other many reports.
Facility to change year in order to book in advance. Facility to switch between multiple hotels or flats to view data.
Many other Features. File verification utilities.
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