System Integration


Timeshare System
POS - Point of Sale for Bars / Restaurants / Curio shops etc. (We link to many POS systems) e.g GAAP. (see links page).
F&B - Food and Beverage (Stock / Creditors) e.g GAAP, Centurion
Telephone Management System (We link to many TMS systems) e.g Man3000, TelTrace, TMS2000
Debit Matters - Legal documents and procedures for Credit Control
qContact - Customer Relation Manager, Telemarketing, Debtors
PASTEL Accounts interface
Back office General accounting
Loyalty System
Electronic Funds Transfer systems
Energy and Engineering Management systems
Voice Mail Systems
Paging Systems
Mini Bar and Vending System
Access Control
All Standard off-the-shelf packages like MS Office etc.
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