Hardware Requirements.

As a rule of thumb - The better the computer the better The-Host Hospitality Management System will perform, so try to get the best that your budget will allow. Nevertheless, you will not need the very latest and most expensive equipment for our product.


We only recommend Windows XP or Win 7.

Minimum Hardware Requirements:

For workstations or single PC installations you only need whatever is currently rated as entry-level from your local hardware supplier. Presently that would probably be an Intel i3. If you already have computers that you would like to retain then that is very possible - just check with us or get your IT supplier to call us. It is in your best interest to update your computer hardware regularly to provide good performance and reliability, but our products are not resource hungry so hardware expenditure should never be a barrier to implementing our solution.


For Bed and Breakfasts - you could run our package on a single pc or notebook with one printer.


Networking LAN and WAN:

LAN: The Host is network-ready. Economical networking can be implemented using default Windows networking. This requires very little technical skill. A network card is needed in each PC and one of them must be nominated to have a shared Hard drive. For a two PC network, a cross-over cable is required. For more than two PC's, Switches/Hubs and fly-leads must be used. All these can be purchased from your nearest computer shop.

We highly discourage the use of Wi/Fi as it is unstable for use with client/server database and 24x7 business software.·

Gigabit networking is actually not that much more expensive but the performance benefits are tremendous - so try to get it if possible.

In a busy network of ten or more PC's a dedicated Server machine running XP Pro can be implemented for higher performance and security. Note - you do not need Windows server! Please DO NOT buy Microsoft Windows Server and expensive dedicated computer hardware servers for our product. Talk to us first before you spend money unnecessarily.

WAN: Wide area networking can be implemented for multiple property installations and central reservations.

The Host is an SQL Client/Server application based on Firebird SQL. This is an open-source database and it is therefore affordable for even the smallest of implementations. It is very cost-effective to dedicate a server to take advantage of the higher data integrity and performance.Firebird can also run on Linux, so further cost saving can be realised because expensive operating systems like Windows Server are not needed.

Total Cost of Ownership of the Host is undoubtedly the lowest for a product in this class. This coupled with powerful features ensures the quickest Return on Investment.

After your computer hardware is installed and configured, only then do we install our software suite. Ask your computer supplier or technical representative to contact us for information, advice and help.

Please Note: We do not sell computer hardware and we do not force you to use any specific brands. We will work with you to advise reliable and reputable computer dealers in your area. To save on costs, you can also install your own hardware if you have inhouse IT skills.

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