Cash-Up - X, Z and Night Audit


Usage of our software generates accounting transactions. These are posted to guests, staff accounts, debtors, general invoicing and other·accounts all as a natural result of operating our package. Users are guided and monitored through all the billing and posting processes. This raises the level of accuracy and limits the possibility of mistakes, both accidentally or deliberate.

Some examples of these transactions are deposits, accommodation billing, room service, payments at front-desk, adjustments, laundry, transfers, telephone calls, food, beverages, discounts and levies etc. This all depends on how your run your particular establishment. The package can be configured for unlimited departments and unlimited billing and payment items. These are frequently referred to as GL codes and Sales codes.

Accommodation is a special kind of billing in that it can be automatic and if the rates and packages are configured to have component values then very in-depth data is generated. See the rates setup section.

Periodically you would want to report on these transactions. Our cashup will group and tally them in various ways for management purposes and banking. This is done by way of the cashup procedure and by extensive cashup reporting. Most typically there would be one or more X-Cashups at the end of shifts and one Z-Cashup at the end of day, sometimes called the "night-audit".

With dozens of unique reports, many relating only to cashing up - there is very little we do not account for. We also provide an interface to Pastel (and other) accounting software allowing for seamless integration of the cash-up results directly into your accounting software. We also provide a powerful Pivot-Table tool for cross-tabulation analysis of the data. It allows you to summarize, sort and tabulate data in many useful and interesting ways.

The Hosts cashups are securely saved and are never deleted allowing auditors, accountants, managers and authorised users to go back in time and review past data easily.·

Statistical graphs of the days trade and events are also part of our cash-up procedure. Statistics about the database, system and server are automatically stored with each Z cashup.

Many of these cashup reports can automatically be emailed to a list of recipients when the day-end procedure is run. This could be a list of managers, accountants and owners etc. that would receive the required reports by email each time that a Z cashup is run. Keep in tune with performace, occupancies and financials even when you are not at the hotel!·

Eg: Cashup1, Cashup2, Cashup3, VAT, GL_Code, SALE_Code, Receipts, TX_Debtor, Deposits

(partial menu-tree)

Please note that all critical events and activities are carefully monitored and recorded in various ways in our system, especially the financials and most particularly payments/receipting and pricing. See "User Security", Audit trail and activity tracker. It is not easy for users to make mistakes, and it is not possible for users to cheat the system without warnings and at the very least details of such attempts and actions will be recorded and shown in various reports.

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