Our clients will testify to the fact that·The-Host·is a·very stable and reliable package. That's just the way the software was designed. Many of our clients have been using our product since the early 1990's and are therefore well qualified to give an informed comment on this.

Starting at just·R375 per month for hotels and R150 for B+B's, our support fee is indisputably the most cost-effective in the entire industry. Buck for buck, feature for feature, nothing is priced anywhere near us. The reason for this is simple The-Host Hospitality Management System requires considerably less support than comparative packages, even imported ones. Our product is rock-solid stable. It was developed to be both powerful and robust. It was designed and developed by highly skilled and experienced software engineers.

Nevertheless, we do offer support and this support includes telephonic, email, modem and remote Internet support. You need an internet connection or 3G. It also includes the benefit of ongoing development of the entire suite of software. There are·no hidden costs or annual license fees, this monthly amount is the·only recurring amount that we charge. All in all, we offer you the most stable and economical way to utilize advanced automation technology and to stay abreast of latest technical developments.

All our customers receive our free remoting system enabling us to provide real-time online support. It's our own internal product; not 3rd party like Teamview etc. Therefore all transmissions are secure as data passes through our own gateways. Plus there are no 3rd party license fees.·You obviously need to have an ADSL internet connection or 3G.

Remote support is the best you can get. It is instant; when you need us we'll be helping you real quick. No delays for travel etc. and it is low-cost.

The-Host Hospitality Management System·works 24x7, that means up-time every hour of every day of the year. It works day-in and day-out, tirelessly providing you with peace of mind while it gets on with the job of managing your guests and your profits. Most of our·customers do not need to call us for any help for months on end, in some cases even years. A few customers are still using our DOS based version. The-Host doesn't ever let them down - it just gets on with the job.

This kind of stability is important to you in many ways; not only does it mean that you have a trouble free solution, but it saves you lots of money. Other less reliable systems (including imported ones) have a negative impact on the hotels that use them. High maintenance and extensive downtime costs you money and causes guest dissatisfaction. Unhappy guests give you a bad crit and never come back - you can't really measure the true harm of that, can you? That is why a reliable system like ours is so important.

Our support number is : 031 765 3684 (Tel) ·083 513 7209 (Cell)

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