Software Development


Many years of work, millions of rand and thousands of skilled man-hours have gone into the design and development of·The-Host Hospitality Management System. Our software is an original intellectual work wholly owned ( including all rights ) by ourselves. It is a project that commenced twenty years ago in 1991 and is therefore a highly stable and mature package. The software is Windows compliant and runs on entry level PC's or better.

Our suite of hospitality products is under continual and ongoing development. We are always busy improving and extending our products. We refine and add features and new modules as and when there is a general need or demand from our customers. Sometimes this is driven by changes in tourism trends and sometimes by new computer and networking technology.

See the·hardware spec for details on computers, printers and networking requirements.

Custom Software Development.

We can customize The Host to satisfy your exact requirements. If you have special needs or for any reason you may want our package changed for your particular requirements then let us know.

We develop and supply many other software packages. The-Host is very focused on guest and property management in establishments that provide accommodation - like hotels and resorts. Although The-Host is our main product, it does not change the fact that we are a software manufacturer and we have clients in many other industries.

If your business has any special software requirements but you cannot find a software package that will do things just as you want, then we could be your answer. Please contact us, we'll work with you to design and build a perfect solution that will fit your company needs exactly.

We can either customize our existing products for your specific requirements, or alternatively we can develop entire systems to suit your particular needs. We develop software for customers in a variety of industries and are not limited to hospitality. For example, private clinics and health centers can also use variations of guest management software to manage patients, to us as a software developer, we know that there is a high degree of similarity between hospitals and hotels in terms of the software design.


GROUPS - would you like to link all your resorts in a unique way - we can help you.


Want all your resorts to send their stats and revenue reports to a central place? You want to be able to react to trends across your group at the earliest possible moment and to make changes and adjustment quickly? You want to reprocess all your guests on a group basis for higher yields, higher service levels and improved customer relationships? We'll do it for you! You may know very clearly what you want, but you can't find a software package that can do it, or the price to do it is just prohibitive. No problem. If you have a good idea that will make your business function more efficiently and profitably, then tell us about it and we will work closely with you to make it a reality. Best of all, it will only cost a fraction of what you expect. See our pricing model to get an idea of how reasonable our prices are. You would understand that for specialized software, we can only quote an accurate price once we have more details about your requirements. So please, talk to us, you will find that our software can accommodate you. Read More...


Other examples


Just to give you an idea of our versatility, here are some other projects and industries where we have succeeded: Hospital Patient Management, Trust Fund Management, Job Card systems, Service Department Management, Quoting, Invoicing, Document management, Bar-coding, Stock and Specialized Databases for many applications including Oil Refineries, Specialized Data Security Systems, Legal Offices,·Debt Collection and many more.


We also do number plate recognition, sms integration, access control, time and attendance to payroll - see

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