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Clicks equal money!

Many modern travelers make their reservations online. They want to book via the web and they gravitate towards websites that can to do that. The ability for prospective guests to check availability anytime of the day or night increases the possibility of converting those queries into confirmed reservations. Give your customers what they want! We will help you, and we can also help you with improving your ranking in the important search engines. Get more bookings, increase your occupancy, improve your guest satisfaction, reduce your costs of sale and improve your profits.

For many years there has been a huge need for an online booking system to satisfy the particular requirements of the privateer hotelier and the mid to smaller establishments. An online booking system that is accurate, reliable, easy to use, easy to implement - and most of all - affordable.

Our design greatly reduces the typically high costs and simplifies the technical deployment challenges. Other systems have not been able to do that. Hence 85% of South African destinations do not currently have truly real-time live online booking systems. And what they do have does not work. That’s about to change.

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A real-time online booking process must allow travelers or clerks to:

  • complete reservations via a web browser or smart phone
  • connect directly to the destination hotel, not just the website
  • check pricing and availability in real-time 24 x 7 x 365
  • book rooms securely, directly and immediately in the name of the payee or guest
  • pay deposits via secure banking gateways while still online
  • receive a confirmation directly and instantly from the destination
  • receive unique reference number on screen and via email and sms
  • endure no delays and no human intervention from the hotel or payment gateway

Take note that “online booking” is not just a contact form on your web-page! Online means 24x7x365 live availability queries, pricing and bookings – directly integrated to your hospitality management system; it is not just a website process. Read that again!

Online is also not via some 3rd party web-service with online payment facilities. There are plenty of those so called bridges – but they require manual intervention to synchronize your data. When synchronization goes wrong, you lose business and it causes guest dissatisfaction. Even if the synchronization is done automatically every few minutes it is unnecessarily costly and there will still be problems, plus it is a gross waste of bandwidth. The bridge type systems are inefficient and expensive. They charge a monthly fee per published room plus a commission of the booking amount. They are only interested in their lions-share of your bookings fee without adding any real value. We hear continuously from their unhappy customers about the inadequacies and failings. They have missed the point - the idea is to make it automatic - not introduce more labor, complexity and cost.

Our system provides for the complete end-to-end management and automation of the web booking process right through to check-out and beyond. It is ALWAYS AUTOMATICALLY synchronized. It simply cannot ever not be synchronized. There is never any need for manual intervention. It does not introduce more labor; it reduces it. Furthermore we provide for reconciliation of deposits right inside your daily accounting for your entire hospitality business, included with our product. It is a complete hospitality management system that includes online bookings, not just an add-on.

Another feature that sets us apart from the rest is online group bookings. Furthermore, our system is one of the very few in the world that provides for staggered online group bookings. That means your guests, travelers, agents and operators can make group bookings with differing arrival/departure dates in one single online process. They can even assign guest names to each room of the group booking while online - the rooming list.

All you need from us is our online program and a button/link on your website(s) or any sites where you are hosted - wherever you have a web presence. This teams up with our hospitality·management software and dynamically produces a booking website that is always aware of your accommodation resources, your prices and your availability. It also seamlessly takes care of seasonal adjustments, specials, peak time, premiums and discounts.

It does all this automatically, there is no duplication of labour, no synchronization of multiple systems. It is one complete integrated homogeneous hospitality solution with an amazingly low price-tag.

If you operate more than one hospitality business or you are part of a group or association of destinations then you can use the system to make bookings across your group. You can check availability and make reservations as a service or as a Central Res Office for the group. It helps greatly with tour bookings involving multiple destinations.

Naturally a broadband connection is needed, as you would for any online system. You probably already have ADSL, MTN, I-Burst or Neotel etc. It even works on 3G.

We offer a complete·A to Z·hospitality solution, not just a part of it. Call us today to get you up and running or to schedule an online demo!

The "Big Picture" - the AtoZee of bookings and the hospitality management process.

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