Additional Modules


Whilst these modules are designed to run in conjunction with·The-Host Hospitality Management System, some can be purchased and run independently .·Please consult with us before ordering as you will need advice and further information.

Cell Phone Messaging (SMS) Processor

Save time and money
by sending SMS Text messages whenever possible.·(screenshot)

Each day you and your staff make dozens of telephone calls to convey information to guests and to staff to manage your business and your bookings. For example you must communicate with guests to ask them to pay their deposits, to check that booking details are accurate and to thank them after they depart etc. There are many other compelling reasons why you make all those calls, but have you ever worked out how much this costs you in terms of time, labor and telephone costs? Just check your recent telephone bill to remind yourself!

By using our SMS module, you can save yourself a lot of time and·greatly reduce your telecommunication costs. You can even impress your guests with this technology because when it is implemented professionally, guests perceive it as improved service levels. Just take a moment to consider it on a practical level - imagine how much quicker it is to send off a batch of SMS's as opposed to dialing and conversing manually one call at a time!

Of course there are some calls that cannot be managed by SMS, calls where a one-on-one personal touch is required, but just think how much better those calls can be if you have more time at your disposal because many other mundane calls have been taken care of by SMS.

The module works within·The-Host Hospitality Management System to allow manual and automatic sending of SMS's. It also integrates with the Most Valued Guest module (below) for marketing purposes and for automatic personal messages like birthday greetings etc. It also links with online bookings and the·eMail Reservation processor (below).

This is a real winner and we urge you to add it to your suite of guest management tools.


Email Reservation Processor

(if you do NOT want the real-time online booking system or comms is poor)

If you have an online presence you'll no doubt understand the importance of being able to handle email enquiries quickly and efficiently. If you'd like to streamline this time-consuming process, and make the technology work for you, we offer the·Email Reservation Processor.

How does it work?
It automates the manual process of receiving email booking queries from your websites. When done manually this takes several minutes per query as each email is sequentially processed by a clerk in the the following steps:

Opening and reading each email
Checking that the data is complete, i.e. no missing fields
Checking for availability to accommodate a booking via the reservations software
Determining the price of the booking
Typing out an answering email and sending it
Repeating this process for each query

This is tedious and time-consuming, especially when there are many email queries. It places an additional burden on your reservation staff who are busy answering the phone to take reservations in the regular way etc. Yet·if you do not respond quickly to email queries you could lose business. Furthermore if your staff get anything wrong due to human error, you can also lose the booking or lose money if the price is not quoted correctly. Clearly we must use software to improve on this.

This is how it works:

Booking queries come from the submit forms on your websites to your booking office. The software automatically reads the data from each query and uses it to check for availability by doing a query directly into the reservation database. It can even make the booking at this point if it is setup that way. Then·it answers each email with the results. The answered email will contain a provisional booking number and the booking price as well as a request for the correct deposit amount and a date by which the booking must be confirmed. This all·happens in a fraction of a second and furthermoreit does not make mistakes. The result is that all your email booking queries areanswered immediately and accurately.

There is much more to it than can be stated here, suffice to say that it is a comprehensive system that·produces reports on all its activities and alerts you of any emails that are exceptions for whatever reason.

It makes it·easy for just one person to handle hundreds of email queries per day.


Most Valued Guests (MVG) - Customer

·Relations Management.

This module·reprocesses your guest database using clever indexing and sorting algorithms to identify a vast array of important business information including most frequent and valuable guests. It harvests this information mainly from guest history where the richest information is available, but it also processes provisional reservations, confirmed reservation and cancelled bookings as well as the transaction file to provide the fullest analysis of guest trends.

Use this precious information to focus your marketing campaigns to maximise your occupancies and to maintain a high level of communication with your most valuable customers.

It provides a customizable database that allows you to store information on these most valuable guests and any other important contacts that you wish to include in your marketing campaigns.

This module has a variety of methods for communication with contacts. For example, it can print beautiful original documents by merging data into MS-Word templates, or it can send emails or faxes.·It can also send SMS messages. See the SMS processor for more (Above).

Keep your occupancies at their highest by maintaining a high level of communication with you most valuable guests and get them returning to your hotel again and again.


Biometric T&A / Access Control

We can assist with managing your staff attendance and payroll integration. We can also link access control turnstiles, barriers and booms on your property. We can integrate your electronic door systems. We can integrate number plate recognition (ANPR) to your access system for extra security, service and convenience to guests and staff. We can provide ANPR combined with Point Of Sale to manage parking areas.

These are fairly specialized and technical options and require consultation. Please see our partner company


Debt Matters - Start collecting outstanding

money now.

DEBT MATTERS provides YOU with an exciting and dynamic way of debt collecting. As we all know, collecting outstanding money from debtors is something many businesses, including municipalities and schools now have to deal with. This product will handle the collection of bad debts and all legal aspects, thereby saving time and money.·

DEBT MATTERS is an easy to use Computer Software Program designed for the legal process of debt collection through the Magistrates Courts of South Africa. The procedures are actually very easy. With the aid of this easy to use software, the user will be able to operate an effective and coordinated cost saving debt collection strategy.

DEBT MATTERS is designed primarily for·SCHOOLS and other businesses involving claims for goods sold or services rendered. It also caters for debts based on dishonored cheques, credit agreements and other contractual type debts. Please note that none of these procedures require any "appearance" in the courts by the user.·

DEBT MATTERS empowers you to take legal action yourself as and when you require it, at a small fraction of the normal legal costs.

DEBT MATTERS can also be used by·Debt Recovery Agents and Collections Offices. Debt can be collected on behalf of one or many Creditors. Many hundreds, even thousands of cases can be handled with ease.

We're constantly expanding·The-Host Hospitality Management System to include new and innovative ideas. These additional modules bring new functionality and could be just what your business is looking for.

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